Once a home is listed with LUXE Properties, our in-house marketing specialists get to work on designing a personalized marketing piece announcing the sale of your property. Targeted direct mail has a 495% increased response rate compared to traditional print direct mail. Through a comprehensive analysis of neighborhood homes sales and specific demographics, our marketers are able to identify the profile of a property’s most probable purchaser. In addition to targeted direct mail, we also focus on your surrounding neighborhood to reach the biggest endorsers for the area, your neighbors. Your neighbors may have friends and families who desire to live nearby.


Each LUXE listing receives a personalized luxury brochure placed in the home for any broker’s open, showings or open houses. These luxury brochures include high-quality images of the home and a list of features and amenities. These brochures ensure your home is memorable and at the forefront as buyers enter and leave. They aid buyers and their agents overcome most objections and questions before even leaving the home.


LUXE Properties offers customized floor plan services to effectively engage buyer’s interest in your property. When just viewing real estate photos online, it can be difficult for buyers to see how the home’s layout flows. Floor plans help display where rooms are located in context to one another and provide an idea of important details, such as the way the space is oriented.

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